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Top 5 Reasons You Should Own Bitcoin

Bitcoin has become a hot topic of conversation recently. Many people have heard about it, few understand it, and even fewer own any. If you're still in the latter group, now's the time to change that. Bitcoin is an emerging digital currency that could help you diversify your portfolio and increase your returns. It's also one of the hottest investments right now, doubling in value in just the past few months. If you haven't been keeping up with financial news lately, you may not know that bitcoin has seen tremendous growth in its market valuation over the last year or so. In 2016 alone, the cryptocurrency grew from around $450 per token to over $750 and continues to trend upwards.

Why should you invest in Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a fast-growing investment opportunity. If you've ever seen the chart of the value of bitcoin since its inception into the financial market, you'll know that the digital currency has grown exponentially over the years. While it's difficult to pinpoint an exact year in which bitcoin will plateau or return to its original value, it's likely that the cryptocurrency will continue to see enormous growth in the coming years. Bitcoin is a safe-haven investment. The price of bitcoin is largely dependent on speculation. While this may seem like a negative thing, it actually increases the safe-haven value of bitcoin. The cryptocurrency is not tied to any country. Therefore, it's immune to geopolitical issues that have been known to impact the price of goods tied to specific regions. In other words, when the rest of your investment portfolio is tanking, you can at least be sure that your bitcoin holdings are safe. Bitcoin is an international investment. While governments around the world are beginning to regulate the use of bitcoin in their respective countries, it's still not accepted as a form of payment by many large retailers. This means that it's not tied to any one economy or market. Therefore, bitcoin is an international investment that can be used as a safe-haven investment in times of economic uncertainty. Bitcoin is an opportunity for diversification. It's no secret that the stock market has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. While this is fantastic for long-term investors, it leaves very little room for short-term fluctuations. In other words, it's difficult to see your portfolio increase significantly in the next year. On the other hand, investing in bitcoin is a completely different story. Since the cryptocurrency is so new to the financial market, there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding it. This means that you have a lot of room for growth in the short-term, but are also protected against long-term losses.

Why You Shouldn't Buy Bitcoin

While there are many reasons to invest in bitcoin, there are also a few caveats to consider. First of all, bitcoin is not widely accepted as a form of payment. While this is changing as the currency grows in popularity, it's still not feasible to use it for everyday purchases. Therefore, bitcoin is best used as an investment that can provide you with a substantial return. Additionally, bitcoin is extremely volatile. In fact, the price can fluctuate by thousands of dollars within a day. This is due to the fact that it's loosely regulated by government agencies and is traded on a decentralized exchange. If you're someone who wants to see steady, consistent growth in your investment portfolio, bitcoin may not be the best choice.

Bottom Line

Despite a few drawbacks, investing in bitcoin is a great way to diversify your portfolio and earn a substantial return. Since the cryptocurrency is still so new to the financial market, it's difficult to predict how high the price can climb. Therefore, it's best to invest what you're comfortable with and see where the journey takes you.

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